Swimming – Great For Fitness

In today’s world where work stress has started affecting health in a negative way it is important to bring our focus back to the importance of exercises and a healthy diet. Since many people have desk jobs, the average obesity rate has been found to have increased steadily. Health officials have been issuing daily warnings about the global rise in the number of health disorders that are linked to sedentary desk jobs.

One great way to combat the common problem of ill health and an expanding waistline is by including cardio exercises. Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises are basically those that burn body fat in the presence of increased oxygen in the bloodstream. The high tempo and repetitive pattern of swimming strokes make it the perfect example of a beneficial cardio workout.

Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming has a great many benefits both for fat loss and overall good health. Some of the advantages of incorporating a daily swimming routine in your week are:

– Being a water sport it offers a low level of resistance and therefore poses fewer risks of injuries.
There is less risk of sacroiliac joint pain

– However, since you need to move your entire body against the resistance of the water it also makes for a total body workout

– The fast nature of swim laps increase heart rate by 45-60% and this helps burn calories and reduce unwanted fat.

– The combination of resistance and speed is what makes swimming both an aerobic exercises and also helps tone muscles to allow for increase in strength and mobility. There’s little chance of pain in the big toe joint

Added Benefits of Swimming

In addition to burning fat, swimming also provides lots of other benefits.

– Being a low-impact exercise it reduces stress and can alleviate metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure and Type II diabetes

– Since it can be both and indoor and outdoor activity, depending upon where the pool is located, it is also a great way to meet people and increase the social circle.

– In addition, swimming may be turned into weekend family affairs or friendly matches between friends. This makes the activity suitable for both fitness purposes as well as social occasions.

– Since it focuses on form and agility, swimming increases strength and muscle flexibility. It strengthens joints especially those of the ankle and shoulder. Moreover, it improves muscular endurance and ensures a lean, athletic physique.

swimming for health and fitness

Things to Keep in Mind while Swimming

While it is undoubtedly a great form of exercise, there are certain things to consider while swimming. These considerations go a long way in making sure that there are lower risks of accidents of adverse health effects.

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1) Beginners: If one is new to swimming, it is always advisable to hire a personal trainer or join a sports club. Swimming is an activity that has to be learnt since it is important to maintain correct posture to avoid injury. A personal trainer will not only ensure that there is low risk of accidents, but will also help you improve your stroke and form. This will in turn increase efficiency and give you greater overall benefits.

2) Intermediates and Advanced Athletes- For this category of athletes, there is no need for the constant presence of a trainer. However, it is crucial to understand that swimming is an aerobic exercise and if done for too long will increase stress. An elevated heart rate for over 60 minutes increases the risk of adrenal fatigue and diminishes muscle strength.

Though there are aspects to be kept in mind while swimming, it is nonetheless a great form of exercises that provides health and other benefits. One must engage in daily laps of swimming and aim to improve upon posture and form to gain the maximum benefits of the workout.


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